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2013 Lincoln Valley Information





Notes of importance.

·         If you have an updated email address, would you please fill in dues sheet and return it or email LVG at

·         Check out the web page as we are trying to keep it up to date. We’ll post any information as soon as we get it. Please feel free to contact us on email or by phone. (641-483-2054)

·         Watch the State Center Enterprise for upcoming events.


Think Spring, Warm Weather, and Golfing at LV!!!



New Policies effective 2013

  • The clubhouse has gone to a non-smoking facility as of April 1.


  • In an effort to cut costs and labor, we have implemented a new pin location system. All flags will be yellow with a smaller flag below it. Small flag low = front pin. Small flag middle = middle pin. Small flag high = back pin.


  • The 9-mile rule has been reinstated during the 2013 season. This means if you live within 9 mile of Lincoln Valley, you must be a member in order to play golf or take part in any social activity.


  • In an effort to help myself and the staff get to know our members, we are asking that every golfer check in before going out for your round and present your member card. If you have not received your cards yet, please ask for it your next time out.


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